The Return of Ms. Pac Man to the House

Ms. Pac Man is back in working order and back in the Ronald McDonald House, thanks to Maker Space Group member Dennis Megarry with some help from a couple of the other members too. You may remember that this group built an arcade game machine just for our House.

Megarry knew we had Ms. Pac Man in storage because it wouldn’t work and took it upon himself to fix her.  Last week, he was able to deliver the rebuilt machine just in time for our Father’s Day celebration (see pictures above). We were able to bring Ms. Pac Man and the new RMHC arcade machine into our main dining room for the party.

Megarry was so excited to work on this machine, he described it this way in an email to us:  “I am on such a personal high from doing this, I am sad that it is completed. Was a really fun project..  But, you still have 4 more needing repair! 🙂  I will probably wait till end of summer to start the next one, I fund these out-of-pocket so need to build my bank account back up.. lol”

You can see pictures from the project by clicking here. Megarry wanted to share the reason he was so excited about getting Ms. Pac Man up and running by sharing this article too.

Thanks again to Megarry and his group for making arcade games a fun escape for families staying at our House during such a stressful time.