Pop Tab Program

Let's Make Something Ordinary EXTRAORDINARY!

Many thanks to our Pop Tab Program sponsor, Research Alloys
It’s not just an urban myth; the Ronald McDonald House really does collect the aluminum pop tabs from cans. We are able to generate thousands of dollars from our pop tab collection program every year and that helps us keep the lights on! That’s important for our House, which is open 24 hours/day, 365 days a year. And it wouldn’t be possible without the amazing support of children and adults who faithfully collect the tabs. It’s an easy way to do something good and make a difference in the life of a seriously ill child. Why not get your school, workplace or community organization to collect them with you?

The Pop Tab Program is a fundraising project that supports Ronald McDonald House Charities.  By collecting tabs from aluminum cans, RMHC of Central Ohio is able to recycle them in exchange for money that is then put towards paying the utility bills for the House.

Grab a clean container and start collecting your tabs! It could be a plastic bag, a jar, a bucket, or whatever else you have around.

Yes! We have a few different flier variations that you are more than welcome to use to spread awareness about your tab collection and help share knowledge about our mission and the Pop Tab Program.

Flier Option 1     Flier Option 2     Flier Option 3

Pop tabs can be dropped off to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio, 711 E. Livingston Avenue, at the front desk.

Yes! You can now also donate your pop tabs – or any item with aluminum such as appliancesdirectly to Research Alloys at 110 N Sylvan Ave, Columbus, OH 43204! Be sure to tell the associate who collects your item(s) that the proceeds are to go to the Ronald McDonald House.

You can take your pop tabs to your local recycle facility. Once your contribution is weighed, simply ask for a check to Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio and send that to the same address as above. When we deposit the check, we’ll send you or your organization a note of thanks back in the mail!

Yes! An RMHC team member would love to come to your school and give a presentation about how your students can become pop tab heroes. Please contact Cassie Albers at Cassandra.Albers@rmhc-centralohio.org to set up a date and get more information.

Fun Tab-ulations

1 inch = 1 pop tab      1 foot = 12 pop tabs      1 yard = 36 pop tabs        1 meter = 40 pop tabs

1 lb. = 1280 pop tabs      2 lbs. = 2560 pop tabs        3 lbs. = 3840 pop tabs      4 lbs. = 5120 pop tabs

781.25 lbs. = 1,000,000 pop tabs        1 mile = 63,360 pop tabs       1 kilometer = 40,000pop tabs