New RMHC Arcade Machine Donated

5 guys stand around the arcade system sitting in The Jackets lounge at Ronald McDonald House.
Members of Solid State Social Club gather around the newly delivered RMHC arcade machine.

Thanks to a some tech-savvy friends of our Ronald McDonald House, there’s a new arcade machine in The Jackets Zone lounge for families to enjoy! What follows is a Q&A with Dennis Megarry, of Solid State Social Club, telling us how his group worked on the game system and what was involved in completing this project.

Q: Who are you guys?

A: We are a group of people that have worked together in the past and remained friends after we moved on to other jobs. We all decided to form a Maker Space Group and chose the name, Solid State Social Club. Our goal is to teach kids, teens and adults about technology and wood working. Wood working for geeks is CNC, we program the computer and the machine cuts out the parts for us.

The people involved with this project and current employer are:

Dennis Megarry  – StateAuto Insurance

Tyler Wickiser  – StateAuto Insurance

Josh Hamilton  – StateAuto Insurance

Johan Van Zijl – Chase

Robert “Downtown Bob” – CoverMyMeds


Q: How did your group start a relationship with our Ronald McDonald House?

A: Robert was on a tour of the House after cooking a lunch meal for CoverMyMeds when he spotted the Game Room there with non-working arcade machines. Since I was already into building arcade gaming machines & Johan into repairing them, we decided this was a great start to our maker group. So we contacted Joel (the House facilities supervisor) and came down to diagnose the issues with the units there already. We were able to repair the pinball machine, and while we can repair the rest, we fund this out-of-pocket so plan to continue as soon as funds become available.


Q: What made you guys decide to do this? Have you done this kind of thing before?

A: I was already making custom arcade machines and Johan was repairing cabinets, so it was a great fit for us. Given how much RMHC benefits the community and children, we all jumped at the chance to help out.


Q: How was it all paid for? Do you have an approximate value of the machine?

A: This was all my personal donation. I bulk buy parts and usually have enough to build a few machines on hand so the expense of this was drawn out over the course of a year prior to this build.  We all have families to support as well, so for the moment while we grow, we can only do things like this as we save up the funds.  I build custom arcade cabinets for corporate clients who have an employee game room setup, as well as individual people.  No two cabinets are alike so putting a cost on one is difficult to do.  Depending on options, we’ve made them from $2700 to more than $4000. If we built yours for a customer, it would have been about $3000.


Q: What was involved in making it? Where was it assembled?

A: Making things like this is how I relax after a day in front of the computer at work.  It is a lot of fun.  Since our group is just starting out, we do not have space to setup shop so it was made and built in my garage (my garage is rather large).

This build though was extra special for us.  Lynne Holmes, the  graphic designer at the Ronald McDonald House, created the graphics for us.  To finish the cabinet, our respective employers gave us each a paid day off through charity volunteering-for-a-day programs. So we need to give a big thank you to StateAuto, Chase, and CoverMyMeds! It wasn’t just us that were involved in this project.


Q: Does it have more than one game?

A: When we build one of these, the insides can go from inexpensive to OMG! Just depends of what people want.  For corporate builds, as well as this one, we chose a commercial board which is pre-loaded with games that we bought off of Amazon.  It has a lot of the ones adults grew up with such as: Galaga, PacMan, Street Fighter, TMNT, Asteroids, Super Mario, Tetris and many others..  There are more than 2,100 games on this board.


Q: Joel says you’re also repairing our other arcade games?

A: Yes, as funds allow we will be repairing all the machines there.  The Ms. PacMan, for instance, has a blown transformer. But rather than just replacing it, the cabinet is in bad shape as well so we will most likely make a new cabinet for it, reprint the original graphics and when finished, it will be as good as new, or better.


Q: Do you have a message for the families that will be using this machine and the others you repair?

A: We built the arcade hoping that it brings a little joy to people when going thru a difficult time in their lives.

To see photos from birth and delivery of this exclusive machine, click here.