Welcome Blanket Volunteers

Donate a Cozy Memento That Will Provide Warm Memories of RMHC of Central Ohio

Each new family coming in to the Central Ohio Ronald McDonald House receives a Welcome Bag, along with a welcome blanket. These blankets can be very comforting to the children and serve as a treasured memento of their time spent here at the House.

Your support in helping provide blankets for our Welcome Blanket Program would be greatly appreciated! Below are a few items to keep in mind if you decide to donate blankets.
  • Blankets should be crafted from new, clean fabrics only. Please do not use material that has been used for other purposes or kept in storage.
  • It is recommended that you wash and bag your blanket before bringing it to the House.
  • We kindly welcome blankets of all patterns and colors, especially designs that children would love.
  • We are also happy to accept donations of 2-year pieces of fleece, if you’d like to donate to the program but aren’t able to make the blankets yourself.

Here's how to make your no-sew blankets:


  • Fleece
    2-yards of a pattern & 2-yards of a solid color
  • Rotary Cotter and Mat
  • Tape Measure


  1. Cut 56″x70″ from each piece of fleece at the same time. Lay fleece back sides together, so the brighter/top is facing outside. Cut a 6″ square from each corner of both pieces.
  2. Fringe: Cut 6″ into fleece at 1″ intervals around all sides of the top and bottom layers. Knot fringes together around the blanket, using one strand from the front layer, and one strand from the back layer of fleece.
What’s great about being a Welcome Blanket Volunteer is that you make the blankets wherever you and your group would like to gather, and then someone just has to drop them off at the Ronald McDonald House whey you’re done. Donations are accepted from 9:00a.m. to 9:00p.m., 7 days a week, at the Ronald McDonald House (711 E. Livingston Avenue Columbus, OH).​

If you have other questions please contact Megan Renner, at Megan.Renner@rmhc-centralohio.org.