New Intern Fell In Love with Our Ronald McDonald House

By Nitisha Bridgeforth, Intern

Originally, I didn’t take notice of this building. But, every time I passed it I couldn’t help but glance over at the brightly colored Ronald statue that sat in front of the building. Although I used to think Ronald was creepy, now that I understand his significance, I now see it as a symbol of kindness.

Upon entering, my first word was “Wow’. The place was larger than I thought, neat, well-organized, and spacious. There was also a very cozy vibe, so I couldn’t help but calm down my nervousness. When I asked for help, the staff was extremely friendly and assisted me in getting to where I needed to go. Families could be seen coming in and out of the building as well as volunteers. I was honestly surprised to see a lot of people coming in and out of the building.

Following our meeting with our mentors, they gave me and my fellow intern, Nate, a tour of the house. I was happy to learn that the majority of the items on display were donations. To realize that the entirety of this build was funded by donations was an eye-opening experience for me. It touched my heart to see people who were so open about their feelings. It was beautiful to witness people who genuinely cared about someone else other than themselves. And just seeing that the smallest jobs in this place make a huge difference is incredible.

What I’m trying to express is that I obviously fell in love with this building and establishment after viewing it from within the physical structure familiar with most in the city. I adore the community and the way it functions. It’s incredible to watch family members walking around, truly cheerful and hopeful. I’m overjoyed to be a part of the Ronald McDonald House team this summer!