Jody and Roman: Two and 1/2 Years Coming to Our Ronald McDonald House

Roman and his mother Jody started staying at the Columbus Ronald McDonald House when the pandemic was just starting and how they’ve been staying with us at various times since then for 250 days total so far. We talked with them in our popular Lego Room.

It’s hard to believe our Lego Room turned 7-years-old on January 17. Sponsored by the Uttam Family, it’s been a place for kids to build joy, write Lego graffiti on the Lego wall, and allowed parents to use the classic blocks and newer shapes to build a bond with their kids during stressful times while on a major medical journey. Click here to see their story.

The Lego Room is Ronan’s favorite room, and has been a respite for him in-between cancer treatments at Nationwide Children’s Hospital while staying with us. We talked with his Mom, Jody, as he looked for Legos to put together while hanging out in the special room. Click here to see the story