Bumps in The Road

As we approach Mother’s Day 2018, it’s amazing to think about what a mom might consider, “bumps in the road.” Mothers truly have a unique perspective on life. Giving life. Nurturing the life

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“The Craftsmen”

By Jesse Wildman     Somebody has to maintain the House, right? Here at RMHC Central Ohio, we are lucky to have a team of “somebodies”.  Highly specialized volunteers dubbed “The

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Jolliff Family Gives Back

  “Cayden Jolliff is 1,113 days old today.” That’s how his mom, Gretchen, updated her family, friends and supporters yesterday when sharing the lastest news about her son. That’s how

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Anything for the House

By: Amy Smith, Volunteer Coordinator Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Ronald McDonald House of Central Ohio and I’m honored to be working alongside them. I started my

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My Time Will Be Worth It

Today is my first day at the Ronald McDonald House of Central Ohio. I’m volunteering as a Communication Intern for the next few months. I’m a third year student at

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