Fran Brings Love Through Banners

Pictures from Fran
The pictures from the “Fun with Fran” Facebook page tells the story

Some call her “the banner lady,” but family members staying in the Ronald McDonald House come to know her as Fran. Fran Green has been helping family members staying at the House make banners just about every Wednesday night for more than three years now. She’s been sharing her special talent, as well as lending an ear to hear all about what’s going on in the lives of these families and what brings them to a hospital in Columbus.

Fran begins to set up her family activity in the House dining room.

This mid-week activity takes place at dinner time in the House. Fran sets up all of the supplies and lays out all of the colorful choices of paper just before families begin to arrive in the dining room. With the help of her special machine that can create all kinds of shapes and designs out of construction paper, Fran has been bringing a little cheer to the lives of children having to go through medical treatment, their siblings, parents, and other family members who’ve stayed at the House. With her banners, Fran shares hope and strings together memories that can last long after a family’s visit to a central Ohio hospital. Sometimes Fran even helps guests staying at the House make greeting cards too. Often times, those cards are donated to the House so other family members and children seeking care might get a greeting card on a notable occasion while staying in the House.

Fran with her husband Doug prepare to serve Fran’s birthday cake.

Tonight, Fran celebrated her own special occasion at her usual spot for banner making in the dining room at the House. It was her 60th birthday today and she celebrated it with a big birthday cake, surrounded by kids staying at the House. She says, there’s no other place she’d rather be on this night. Thank you, Fran, for all you do for our families. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

When ever possible, Fran takes pictures of guests with their finished banners. You can check out those pictures on the Facebook page she set up just for her family activity at the House by clicking here. If you have a special talent or skill that you would like share with families staying at our Ronald McDonald House, click here to apply to volunteer.