Why give $35?

By: Frances Krumholtz

My time at RMHC so far has been brief, but the experience profound.

Here, in a way I haven’t experienced before, I watch families find each other and find themselves. I see heroic kids fighting battles they never chose. I witness equally heroic parents and siblings support, advocate, and do all of the tough work of caregiving. I catch these families returning to the simple joys of their relationships: sharing a meal, reading a book, or playing with Legos.

I joined the RMHC staff in late October as our Annual Gifts Associate. This means I get to help people invest and make an impact by donating to RMHC. In addition to the incredible volunteer support from our community, donors to RMHC keep our “House with a heart” humming.

Funds raised for seemingly unglamorous needs – cleaning supplies, dinnerware, new bed linens – serve as a catalyst for keeping families close. When donors care for the most essential needs of our guests, we can create extraordinary experiences and the simple comforts of home.

As we enter our 35th anniversary month, I want to celebrate all that the House has accomplished with an eye to the future. Now serving over 4,500 families each year, RMHC continues to function as a haven for our guests facing extraordinary circumstances.  Our Friends of the Families have taken a simple but significant step towards providing reliable ongoing support for our families. These folks have set up a recurring monthly donation to the House – the easiest way to care for our families year-round.

To learn more about joining Friends of the Families, click here. Why give $35? You are more powerful than you know, and you have the power to transform our House into a home. Join our family and help keep this “House with a heart” humming.

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