Volunteer Makes Quilts Designed by Patients & Children Staying at Ronald McDonald House

a drawing of a cat standing, wearing a suit and tie next to a photo of girl holding a quilt of the drawing.

By Molly Todd, RMHC Volunteer

I’m Molly Todd and I’m a Ronald McDonald House Charities Volunteer who just loves children’s artwork. I also love to sew. Translating children’s artwork into 3’ x 4’ lap quilts has allowed me to combine two of my greatest passions into one creative outlet. With each child’s permission, I try to represent their artwork as closely to the original as I can. Every imperfection is captured to add charm and whimsy. I do this for free for the families served by Ronald McDonald House Charities and have made over 200 quilts. I am currently gifting quilts at the rate of about one per week and am honored to work with these strong families and brave children. Each quilt is made to last for generations because a child’s artwork is a powerful legacy. And, the culture of quilting is all about comfort and legacy. What could be more appropriate?! I’ve met families from all over the world who come to Columbus for their child’s treatment at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and have sent quilts home with them to Spain, Iran, and many other places.

In order to fund this passion, Art Quilts by Molly Todd Inc. is now a 501c3 non-profit charity. This means that I can accept 100% tax deductible donations on my website, artquiltsbymollytodd.com. I hope you will also spread the word to families that might be interested in purchasing a quilt depicting the original artwork of a child that they love.

During the Columbus Arts Festival this past June, I was at the Ronald McDonald House Charities booth in the children’s village area asking children to make a picture for me. Each day, the name of a child who has participated by making a picture, was randomly drawn by Ronald McDonald himself! I then made that picture into a free quilt for the winning child. I’m looking forward to seeing more smiling faces like the ones above! Thank you, RMH, for the opportunity. Below are just some of the many quilts that have gone home with children from the House.

Editor’s note: Recently, we received a message from Molly saying, “It is with sincere sadness that I write to ask that you stop giving out the “free quilt cards”. I’ve gone broke earlier this year than last because I’ve had more requests. (which is a good thing). Now, I have to wait until the holiday art shows in order to generate some funds for quilting. I’m applying for grants and searching for donations everywhere I can possible think of asking but it’s just not enough. Please hold on to the cards and I’ll let you know the minute you can pass them out again.” If you would like to support Molly so she can start making her gifts for children with families at our Ronald McDonald House again sooner than later, please consider a donation here.