Frequent Guest Collects Van-Load of Pop Tabs For Our House

This is so sweet. We recently received this message on Facebook about quite a collection of pop-tabs to be donated to our Ronald McDonald House. It’s a good reminder that pop-tabs help our House. We get thousands of dollars worth of pop tabs every year and we use the revenue to pay the electric bill at our House.

8 bins full of pop tabs are shown piled up.

Hello, my son Cody and I and Cody’s Grandma have stayed there many times. Cody has seen the house that holds pop tabs when we have been there. Cody wanted to save pop tabs and we had a teacher at his school make saving pop tabs a competition with the different grades to see what grade would collect the most tabs. We also had a few gas stations we put fliers in with a can to collect tabs, we also had a few local bars collecting tabs. I shared what we were doing on Facebook and that we were collecting tabs for the Ronald McDonald house where we stay and it went viral. The newspaper heard about what we were doing and put an article in the paper on the front page! We had people mailing us tabs from all over the United States. This was so Awesome!! I can believe how many we collected. I believe it was like 900 pounds of tabs. I am also sending you a picture (above) and a video of what Cody has accomplished. He is so proud of what he has done. The next time we come for a visit to Nationwide Children’s Hospital we will be bringing them. Cody said you better have someone build a bigger house for the tabs to be collected in. lol!

– Melissa Winburn, Marseilles, Illinois