Two times the LOVE


The Winers are two of our amazing volunteers that partner together to help us to keep families close everyday at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio.

#MyWhy for 2

“There is a need in our community, state and even the world for families with many different “backgrounds” who have sick children and need to be close to them.  Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio along with hospitals in Columbus support this need.  I know that I can contribute and help these families at RMHC with some of my skills and efforts.  My contributions while small, are needed, wanted and appreciated. I also enjoy the camaraderie of the volunteers and staff working together to reach these goals. I am helping others, while adding value to my life through volunteering.” -Fred, Go-Getter

“Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio takes so much burden off of the shoulders of the families that stay at the House. It is definitely a home away from home for them. So much of our community whether it be individuals or companies, show so much compassion by volunteering or donating in many different ways to RMHC. My path began almost 10 years ago when a staff member introduced me to RMHC. Over these many years, it has provided me with a purpose and realization that there are so many families dealing with issues and that I can make a difference by either just providing a listening year offer some solace when appropriate. On a personal level, you get to know the staff and fellow volunteers who also enrich your life. I truly can’t imagine finding such a sense of satisfaction with any other charity that makes such a difference in the community.” -Jill, Housewarmer