Thirty-One Gifts—Gifting RMHC in Many Ways

Thirty-One Gifts staff making meals at RMHC of Central Ohio
Thirty-One Gifts staff making meals at RMHC of Central Ohio

by Mackenzie Schuler

For many of us, getting Thirty-One Gifts products is something we look forward to whenever a new catalog comes out, looking at all of the new prints, and debating over which product we want to choose. For families staying at the Ronald McDonald House, having free time to pour over prints is not something they have the time for—they are focused on helping their child heal at one of our area hospitals. However, families staying at the Columbus Ronald McDonald House are being exposed to all of the wonderful ways Thirty-One Gifts is giving back to RMHC—their organization really is the gift that keeps on giving! I want to take a moment to highlight some of the great ways this organization is helping Ronald McDonald House Charities.

  • Meals: On the 31st of every month, some of the Thirty-One Gifts team (based in Columbus) comes into our House to make dinner for our families. Every time they come in, they bring totes filled with their delicious food and are decked out in their black Thirty-One Gifts aprons. Their staff always serves up love with every meal they create for our families.
  • New Year’s Eve: When the Thirty-One Gifts crew comes to make dinner on New Year’s Eve, they bring the party with them! They help bring in a celebration, complete with noisemakers, hats, and balloons to ring in the new year! Their staff does an incredible job to bring in cheer for our families who are going through a difficult time.
  • Welcome Bags: In 2013, Thirty-One Gifts became a partner with RMHC Global, which has been a wonderful and mutually beneficial relationship for both organizations. To kick off this fantastic partnership, Thirty-One Gifts committed to providing welcome bags in every Ronald McDonald House! Many families do not expect to come to the Ronald McDonald House, so the bag is filled with items they may need, like toiletries, so they have one less thing to worry about while their children are in the hospital.
  • Thermal Totes: Another generous way Thirty-One Gifts is giving back to RMHC is by creating a beautiful red and white striped thermal tote, with $0.31 of every tote sold going back to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

By having the generosity of Thirty-One Gifts, we are able to continue on with our mission of serving families of seriously-ill children in central Ohio. They truly understand and empathize with what the families are going through, and go above and beyond the call of duty to help our families each and every day at the Columbus Ronald McDonald House. We are so grateful for all of the support Thirty-One Gifts provides to us here at the Columbus Ronald McDonald House. Their support is a gift that is unmatched!