“The Craftsmen”

By Jesse Wildman

Craftsmen volunteers fix a dining room/patio door doohickey.



Somebody has to maintain the House, right? Here at RMHC Central Ohio, we are lucky to have a team of “somebodies”.  Highly specialized volunteers dubbed “The Craftsmen”.  About a dozen members make up this team, and about 6 of them are in the House at a time. I had the opportunity to chat with Ed (volunteer for 12 years) and Jim (volunteer for 3.5 years) while they fixed the hydraulic opening mechanism on the top of the door – or something like that?

They began our conversation by telling me what they were working on – it was like a foreign language – all I got was that they were fixing the silver mechanism at the top of the door – but this instantly told me all I needed to know. These guys are team players and will figure out how to fix anything.

The rooms in the house used to be carpeted – until The Craftsmen ripped it up and put down linoleum. The tv’s are hanging because of this team, and they even make some of the “fine furniture”, but it seems like there is some debate. They were both sure to mention The Warren House, one of the houses behind the main Ronald McDonald House that’s now part of our campus. The Warren House was a 6 month project. They did everything other than the mechanics – even redesigning the bathroom. They are definitely proud of their work, and rightly so!

Most importantly, they have fun by doing it. They mention that their team brainstorms and bounces off of each other, and I can only imagine the laughs that these guys have. Both agreed that when a family comes up and thanks them, their day is made.

Ed volunteers because he believes in the mission that all families deserve a place to stay and be comfortable, especially when a loved one is sick. Jim says that anyone interested in volunteering should apply, then arrange a visit to see the House – that is all it takes “to get it”. He mentions that anyone can find a niche in which to volunteer. By the way, the team of Craftsmen only have that nickname because there are currently no women with the group. But, of course, women can sign up too. So, whether you’re a man or a woman, you’re welcome to join this group or any of our volunteer opportunities:  https://rmhc-centralohio.org/get-involved/volunteer/

Jesse Wildman finished his internship with the communications team here at RMHC of Central Ohio just yesterday! Thanks for writing this blog post as your last assignment and thanks for being a part of our team, Jesse!  Good luck!