Overnight Family Service Manager Gets Shout Out by Former Guest


Breanna Neff posted this picture on Facebook of Kipleigh with her new unicorn after having a very sick night recently at the Ronald McDonald House.

We love to share notes of appreciation from our guests and past guests. This one came to us on Facebook giving praise to overnight family service manager Tammy Miller. Tammy has won several Family Service Manager of the Month” awards and is known to be part of the overnight super duo, including FSM Amanda Toth, who decorate the front desk area during holidays.

Just an appreciation post to give a HUGE shout out to Tammy last night (2-22-20). Our little Kipleigh was sick throwing up and just not feeling the best. Earlier, we had been in the office and Kip seen a unicorn. She loved it, but we didn’t get it. Whenever we came down at 11 pm, Tammy helped us get kips temperature and helped us while she was getting sick. Tammy got her a new blankie since she had gotten sick on her blanket from home. Then Tammy said she looked for the unicorn but it wasn’t there. The next morning, we were walking out of our guest room to find a unicorn just outside the door for our sweet girl and it’s safe to say that made Kip happy.

There is nothing better then seeing your child smile, especially over something someone didn’t have to do, but only did it out of the kindness of their heart.

Thank you, Tammy, for always making sure we have what we need and making our girl smile when she didn’t feel good. You are AWESOME!!

A very thankful mommy and daddy
Breanna and Brandon Neff💕