Star Wars Group Marchs with Transplant Patient & Donor from Ronald McDonald House to NCH

Monday was a very special day at the Ronald McDonald House and Nationwide Children’s Hospital for a teenager receiving a kidney transplant. The 501st Legion is an international Star Wars cosplay group officially sanctioned by Lucas Films Ltd., which owns the Star Wars rights. The Ohio Garrison of that group, which often supports our Ronald McDonald House with visits to our guest families, marched with the teen this March 4th along with the kidney donor and the teen’s dad from the House to the hospital as a sign of support. The group decided to show this support because the father of the patient and the adult donor, are both members of the Ohio Garrison. Check out NBC4’s coverage of this special occasion by clicking on the image below. Our thoughts are with Josh’s son, now, and his family as they wait for the boy’s body to accept the new kidney and as he recovers.

Editor’s Note: Josh has updated us that both his son Drew and donor Melvin are doing just fine more than a month later now.