Pierced Ears

By Vicki Chappelear, Family Service Manager

Photo by Marcy Harris Photos

Pierced ears.  Almost every little girl dreams of getting her ears pierced, I know I did!  It’s hard to believe that such a common rite of passage for most girls would be considered dangerous to your health. But for one little girl I know, this has been the case.

This precious little girl, with a contagious laugh, has been fighting cancer. And I mean fighting with everything she’s got. She and her family have been guests at the House for a long period of time. We have walked this battle with her through the good days and the bad days—through puffy cheeks and the loss of hair, and the joy of seeing her get to go home. These are the kids we will always remember!

She has a remarkable family. We’ve gotten to know different members of her family as they would come to visit during her long hospital stay and subsequent release to our isolation suite here at the House. She has an incredible mom who has been with her every step of the way. Her mother has been transparent and has not been afraid to share her feelings with us openly and honestly. It’s as if we have become family, too. That’s what happens when you walk through such a life-altering experience with someone. You have a bond that’s indescribable and it’s priceless.

It so warms my heart to see these kids come back to visit us with good reports! This spunky little girl, who is now sporting her returning dark, curly hair, was so excited to receive a list from the doctor of things she’s allowed to do now: go to see a movie, go to the library and yes, even get her ears pierced!