Our Longest Staying Family Returns Home

By Rick Shepherd

She’s finally back in her home state. Zariah Donovan and her family’s story have been featured in local TV news reports, People Magazine, Inside Edition, and on Fox News. Today, her hometown TV station back in Utah reported the very good news that the long-term Nationwide Children’s Hospital patient was finally back in her home state with her mom, dad, and sister. Shawn Donovan, her father, quit his career to stay here in Columbus at the Ronald McDonald House while she was across the street at the hospital. Zariah’s mom, Z, stayed with her sister back in Utah. That arrangement would have Shawn staying with us for 2 1/2 years. We last featured the family in a blog post here just before the holidays, when Shawn Donovan was finally given word that his daughter would be able to go back home to Utah.

Last week, Shawn drove home with all of the stuff he had accumulated from such a long stay here at the Ronald McDonald House while Z came here to fly home with Zariah. Click here to see the update from station KSL-TV today on Zariah’s return to Utah.