Longtime Volunteer Reveals He Needs An Organ Transplant

By Rick Shepherd

Jill Winer started volunteering with the Ronald McDonald House 16 years ago and brought on her husband Fred 11 years ago. After more than a decade of giving of themselves to help families stay just steps from where their children have been getting care at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Fred reveals he needs an organ transplant. He says he never really stopped to think that some of the young patients staying with us, and their families he’s been serving for so long, might be in Columbus because an organ transplant themselves until this moment, making his love for the House even stronger. Click the image below to learn about Fred’s long history of volunteering, including with The National Kidney Foundation, a group he also appreciates now more than ever, and how you might be able to help save Fred’s life.

To see how you might be able to help Fred, go to kidney4fred.com