Baby Named Journee After Unusual Path in Life She Started

Journee Rae Jackson in the NICU. (Photo: GoFundMe Fundraiser by Jayna Jackson)

Expected July 27, Journee Rae Jackson started her life very early on March 27. “My pregnancy started with no concerns or complications, always received a good report with each doctor’s visit,” says her mother, 30-year-old Jayna Jackson of Michigan. Jayna tells her story in a GoFundMe site she set up to help pay medical bills. “Until midway into my second trimester, I found out during my anatomy screening, my cervix was short. At the time, I had no clue what that meant. Early labor never crossed my mind, being that her due date was July 27th it just couldn’t be!” Journee Rae Jackson arrived March 27 weighing 1 lb., 8 oz. as what’s known as a “micro-preemie.” After being transferred from a hospital in Toledo to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Jayna has been staying at the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus. Click the image below to hear Jayna’s heartfelt message to our supporters.