It’s a dangerous job but someone has to do it

By: Matt Barnes

















Approximately 250 women. All hoping for a chance to win one of 30 designer handbags. And I’m the 30-year-old man standing in the way. It’s a dangerous job but someone has to do it.

I have had the privilege of being the emcee for 4 Handbag Hullabaloo events at 3 different locations and each and every time, I am amazed by the energy and generosity by the people there.  The energy makes sense, because Handbag Hullabaloo is so much fun. Each raffle game brings about that bit of suspense, as each and every person hopes and wishes their game board will be the winner. It’s always entertaining to see the winner of the bag celebrate –in fact, one time, I was nearly tackled on stage as one woman hugged me for randomly picking her number!

But it’s the generosity aspect of this event that keeps me coming back. The event space is always packed. The attendees are always happy and joyful. But most of all, they are always ready to give. The money that has been raised through this event in its short time is remarkable and to know that its money makes a real impact on the lives of families who truly need it warms my heart, and I’m sure theirs too.

If you’ve never been to a Handbag Hullabaloo, I hope you will plan on going to one in 2017.  If you have already been to one, then I don’t have to convince you to come on back. It is proof that fundraising can truly be FUN.


A list of all of our Handbag Hullabaloo events can be found on our events page.