My Time Will Be Worth It

Today is my first day at the Ronald McDonald House of Central Ohio. I’m volunteering as a Communication Intern for the next few months. I’m a third year student at The Ohio State University and am on a light class load for the semester, so I have some free time – why not give back? In December, I reached out to a mentor downtown to chat about possibilities of volunteering or interning. He mentioned typical volunteer opportunities such as making meals, or professional opportunities, how he gives back. If I have a skillset that can bring value, why not use it for good? Time is perishable – if I don’t use my skills today or tomorrow, they are wasted and those are 48 hours I can’t get back. Those are 48 hours that could have been used to help put smiles on families’ faces. So here I am, a few weeks later – ready to get to work. I am blessed with a supportive family, and am excited to help other families stay together while their children get the care they need! If my work helps one family smile, my time will be worth it.

I live about 40 minutes from the house by bus (it’s kind of a hike), so I was planning on only coming in one day a week. As I turned off of High Street on to Livingston Avenue, I saw Nationwide Children’s Hospital – it is enormous. I’ve participated in Buckeyethon – an Ohio State fundraiser to support Nationwide Children’s Hospital, but have never seen it in person. I then sat in the lobby of the house waiting to be walked back to the office and had the opportunity to watch some of the families. Kids running around smiling, parents asking (and receiving) anything one could fathom and volunteers checking in. I knew this place was going to be special, but couldn’t imagine the immediate connection I felt. So, that one day a week turned into 2 days and some time out of the office.

I am now on a mission – there is now a purpose to my free time.

As a student at Ohio State, I’m constantly surrounded by some of the smartest and most outstanding kids in the world. We have the opportunity to access a world class education and peers trying to change the world. With that said, it is kind of a bubble – students, and I myself am guilty, often don’t see past campus. I think the same thing can be said for society as a whole, but that’s a different discussion. The world is bigger than what we see every day. I’m excited to get out of that bubble and I’m excited to learn. Most importantly, I am excited to help make a difference.

I was raised giving back from when I can first remember – “tzedakah” as we call it in the Jewish religion. I am lucky to be in the position to donate my time, and am excited for this experience.

What are you doing with your free time? Check out how to get involved: