Young, Frequent House Guest Skates & Raises Funds for RMHC

Olivia Smart, Camden Pulkinen, Ella Wintringer, Jimmy Ma, Bradie Tennell, Adrian Diaz Bronchud, ALysa Liu, & Ross Miner gather before the Skate It Forward performance.

11-year-old Ella Wintringer is a member of the Skating Club of Western New York in Buffalo, New York who frequently stays with us at the Ronald McDonald House in Columbus with her mom, Jamie. This was the second year she participated with ice skating professionals in the annual Skate It Forward show & competition at the Ice Haus at Nationwide Arena. Skate It Forward has raised nearly $100,000 over three years for RMHC! Thank you Ella and to all of the ice skating pros who took part in this year’s show! You can read a blog post about Ella written for us by her mom last year, by clicking here.

We also want to thank all of the skaters & cast members who helped make this year’s show so awesome:

Braiden Clark
Shelby Stewart
Marla Knight
Riley Blankenburg
Jamie Wintringer
Samantha Simios
Regan Lowe
Bradshaw #97
Michele Worthington
Jennifer Hadden
Aviva Wood
Samantha Lee
Paige Bishop
Kendall Hackler
Henry Mahaffey
Erin Cooper
Anna Jensen
MaryBeth Eberhard
Colleen Walsh
Ella Wingler
Noah Painvin
Bethany Schweitzer
Lan Do
Rena Bilenko
Amanda Guth
Rebecca Granata
Ian Hill
Tina Wawszkiewicz
Arriah Ratanapan
Iva Camp
Weitong Zheng
Chelsea Forrest
Bonnie Worby
Sammie Wurtzman
Allison Young
Daeva Wilson
Alex Miller
Margaret Durkop
Kate Kellogg
Mollie Quakenbush McGrail
Mallory Fogt
Nicole Bass
Anna Myers
Hailey Book
Leah Marshall
Tera Zorn
Hannah Slagle
Elizabeth Douglass
Kim Shontz
Hannah Faulkner
Natalie Culp
Grace Hollis
Alisha Symington
Tiya Khandwala
Cora Young
Kaci McComis
Zachary Fogt
Megan Zelnik
Toni Carter
David Hall
Kendall Hackler
Shelby Stewart
Kelli Rachelle
Nichole Flores
Tera Zorn
Hannah Faulkner
Samantha Lee
Dori Thoman
Natalie Culp
Erin Cooper
Dave Sweeney
Leah Marshall
Morgan Perrine
John M. Haferman


Correction: An earlier version of this article showed Ella as raising the total amount of nearly $100,000. Skate It Forward has raised these funds collectively over the past three years, including various other fundraisers throughout the year with hundreds of individuals and teams making contributions. Thank you all and we apologize for the confusion.