Dream Job at Ronald McDonald House

Hey all, Anna B. here – I recently graduated from Miami University and landed my dream job working for the Ronald McDonald House! Throughout high school and college, I pictured myself in just about every career aside from this one.  I simply never considered it an option to work somewhere I’ve come to know and love.  The Ronald McDonald House always just seemed like a fun place to spend an evening baking for the families or stopping by to drop off pop tabs.  I never thought I could actually work here.  That is, until I sat down with my soon to be boss (shout out to you, Jamie Fotlz!) about a year and a half ago to hear about what she does for a living.  She opened my eyes to the world of fundraising and development – specifically, the role of planning fun and unique events to achieve the mission of an organization.  It was that day that I decided I wanted to start building a career at RMHC and join the team of people who “keep families close”!

Anna Baich, long-time pop tab collector and newest staff member of RMHC of Central Ohio

My earliest memory in the Ronald McDonald House was back in 2009. I was in seventh grade, and my friends and I came into drop off pop tabs.  My mom’s trunk was full of them! It was the start of summer, and after a full school year devoted to taking every single pop tab off of the Gatorade cans at lunch.  It cracks me up every time I tell someone from middle school that I work here. They immediately bring up the memory of my friends and I wearing big janitor gloves digging through the very full (and very gross) trash cans during our study hall.  I don’t remember what exactly sparked this kind of devotion to RMHC – but, we loved collecting pop tabs.  We came in and got a tour of the House.  I was amazed by how much fun and love filled a place that I assumed would be really sad.  I am still captivated by the love and joy that fills this home-away-from-home.  Its proof that kindness for one another goes a long way.

Now, its 2018 and I am still collecting pop tabs, but I finally get to spend my days here at the Ronald McDonald House full time! I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to work alongside so many amazing staff and volunteers.   Jamie had flowers waiting on my desk on my first day, Tom the volunteer invited me to ride on the dolly during lunch on Thursday, and George, the craftsman made me my very own ice cream scoop.  Everyone has been more than welcoming my first few days.  There has yet to be a dull moment.

I’ve always liked the quote “a house isn’t a home without a family” because it rings so true, especially inside these walls. I owe everyone here a huge thank you for welcoming me into this McFamily!