Don’t forget about the small things

By: Beth Fleshman

For the past few years, my volunteer experience at the Columbus Ronald McDonald House has been different than most. I have volunteered my time yet never I’ve made a bed, served a meal, or cleaned much of anything. I cut hair. By trade and as a volunteer at RMHC. At first, this sounds like such a minute detail for a family that is staying at the House and I suppose that’s true. But there is something good to be said though about taking a little time out for yourself. I believe that goes for everyone and is part of why I chose this profession in the first place. There are so many instances where a family comes to the Ronald McDonald House in a hurry and doesn’t have time to get a haircut (amongst other lesser essentials) before they have to rush to the hospital. I get new moms that just want a pick-me-up amidst the change to their normal routine. I get siblings of sick kids that need a haircut before rushing back home to school.

That’s why I love the House. They think of the small things.

Of course, a haircut isn’t going to solve any of life’s great problems, but for that half hour, you get to feel like you’re doing something for yourself. You get to just sit and relax and just be a person getting a haircut, in a salon. It’s hard enough to think about venturing into a city that you’re most likely not familiar with, (and not wanting to stray too far away) without wanting to think about finding a place to get a haircut. When there are so many other things going on to keep everyone busy, it’s nice to know that things like this don’t have to be worried about. There are so many things that are taken care of under one roof, which makes the House and its amazing volunteers something truly incredible to experience. The relationships that I’ve built with some of the guests that have stayed here over the past 4 years are immeasurable. I have gotten to talk with some amazing people that are going through some of the toughest times that anyone could face. I can gladly say that I have made friends coast to coast throughout my time as a volunteer.

(The Thirty One Gifts Spa located on the 1st floor of the Columbus Ronald McDonald House)

These people are so encouraging. Their strength is incredible. Their hope is inspiring. Listening to their stories is something I truly see as an honor. I love what I do. I’m very thankful to be involved in the efforts that the Ronald McDonald House has set forth to do what they can to accommodate their guests. If I could encourage you to do anything from this post, it’s to consider volunteering. The work done there is incredible and the time spent there volunteering is valued. The people you meet from the staff to the guests will enhance your life for the better, and in turn, you will be returning the favor.

Don’t forget about the small things.


Beth works at Studio H Salon in Grandview. If you are interested in booking an appointment, please call 614-485-0523 or stop in at 1279 Grandview Ave. Columbus OH 43212