Business Owners/Parents at Our House Offer Entertainment to ‘Pay it Forward’

Editor’s Note: We often get messages of gratitude from families that have stayed with us. Some of these include offers to pay it forward with monetary donations, in-kind donations of items, and sometimes it’s offers of professional services. This is one of those letters. Thanks to this offer, families will soon be able to have a break from the stress of the hospital thanks to these parents, owners of a mobile entertainment company.

About six years ago, we found ourselves in need as our daughter (6 months old at the time) was life flighted an hour away and spent two weeks on life support. With little to no resources we had no way to be near our daughter during this time. In stepped the Ronald McDonald House! They were a life saver in many ways. My family was able to still enjoy our daughters first Christmas together, we were fed, checked on and taken care of very well.

Now we find that our daughter (now 6 years old) is suffering from Cancer. Columbus is a three-hour drive for us, early morning and late-night appointments make this drive very stressful. Last week, again Ronald McDonald House was there for us! Whereas we try to make a donation every time we stay, it never seems enough for us. Being owners of a small family operated business finances get tight quickly for us. But, being owners of a family operated business gives us an opportunity to give back.

Should RMHC ever need help, looking for new entertainment or fundraising ideas, or just want something to do, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Weekends fill pretty fast for us, but we will do our best to have room for your outstanding organization.

Thank you for all you do, and continue to do for our family and families who find themselves in a time of need.

Duaine and Apryl Cluckey
Four of a Kind Entertainment