Buckeye Helps RMHC Brings in Bids

Alison Wachtman

By Alison Wachtman

My name is Alison Wachtman and I’ve recently been hired on to staff here at Ronald McDonald House as an Events Management Assistant. In my role, I manage all of the auctions across our special events while cultivating new relationships with donors and fostering our existing relationships. I began my time at RMHC this past May as an Events Management Intern. As an intern, I worked closely on the 33rd Annual Joe Mortellaro Golf Classic, which raises around over $300,000 each year for the House! This was the largest event I had ever worked on, and it was truly incredible to see our team pull something of such grandeur together so seamlessly. I am extremely excited to be a part of all of our various events in the future and see how each one uniquely comes together.

I am currently a senior studying Logistics at Ohio State University—Go Bucks! You can often see me cheering on my school in the student section at the Shoe! When I’m not rooting on the buckeyes, I love to rock climb—specifically a form of harness free rock climbing called Bouldering. I’ve been climbing for a couple of years now, and I find that it pushes me to work past my fears as I attempt newer and more challenging routes. I am also in multiple sand volleyball leagues all year round, and I’m gearing up for indoor sand volleyball to start soon! Some of my closest friends play with me, which makes the game even more enjoyable.

In the past, I’ve had experiences volunteering with numerous organizations and international work, and giving in these ways has always been a passion of mine. Now, every day when I wake up and come into work I know that my job impacts a mission that is so much greater than myself. Seeing families around the House and watching events raise funds to make their stay more comfortable during such a difficult time is what I hold on to and what makes this job so special.