A Mom Tells Us How Helpful The Ronald McDonald Family Room is as Her Son Gets Mental Health Help

A Licking County, Ohio mom brought her teenage son to the Big Lot’s Behavioral Health Pavilion at Nationwide Children’s Hospital after he began withdrawing from life, as she described it. He’s been getting treatment to bring him back to being himself again, and it’s working. She tells us bringing him to the BHP three-times-a-week isn’t easy, but the Ronald McDonald Room has made the trips so much better. In this video, she tells us having this space where she and her daughter can go take a respite just steps from where her son is getting therapy, has made a world of difference for the whole family. Click the image below to watch.

To learn more about The Ronald McDonald Family Room at the BHP and make a contribution to the Kennedy Behavioral Health Fund so RMHC can keep more families close to their children getting mental healthcare, please visit rmhc-centralohio.org/mental-health-awareness-month.