A Dance Marathon and a Dream

By Carly Damman

Rufus, OU's Mascot, Carly, and Ronald McDonald making a video for BobcaThon
Rufus, Ohio University’s Mascot, Carly, and Ronald McDonald making a video for BobcaThon

After visiting various corporate advertising and public relations agencies in large cities such as New York and Chicago, I found myself in the office of a marketing employee at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio inquiring about a post-grad summer internship. Weeks later, I found myself completely in love with this organization and fighting to make BobcaThon a reality on Ohio University’s campus, where I attended college at the time.
Now, months later, with graduation behind me, I find myself surrounded by incredible staff members, courageous families in need of healing, selfless volunteers and a House filled with love as a full-time employee for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio.

How did I get here?

It all started with one phrase, “We want to start a dance marathon at Ohio University”. That one phrase led me to the position I’m in today. Through my own ambition and the heart of the RMHC families, I returned to Ohio University and started BobcaThon, a yearlong fundraiser and dance marathon that raises support for RMHC of Central Ohio. BobcaThon is now an official student organization on campus with a full leadership team, its own website, two staff advisors and an opening date set for August 25th, the first day of classes.

BobcaThon was brought to life not just through a girl’s dream but through a group of passionate, philanthropic Ohio University students that now serve as the leadership team. Most of all, BobcaThon exists because of the families that experience healing and hope by staying at the Ronald McDonald House.

I can’t even begin to describe how it feels to spend four years on a college campus filled with students who have incredibly giving and loving hearts, to now, working at a home-away-from-home where every single person that walks in the door, family, staff or volunteer, has a heart that yearns to love and give. BobcaThon allows me to continue pursuing the passionate students on college campuses while also making a difference in the lives of families who stay at RMHC of Central Ohio.

My dream of starting a dance marathon has been accomplished. However, my sights are set on making an even bigger impact by starting dance marathons at other schools and universities in Central Ohio. Families at RMHC of Central Ohio can find healing and hope through the passionate hearts of college students. My passionate heart led me to my dream job at the age of 22 where I get to see healing happen every day!