What the World Needs

Dear RMHC,

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My son was in the ICU at Nationwide Children’s Hospital for eight days. This time was extremely stressful for my husband and me. When we came to the hospital, we had nothing with us, not even a toothbrush. In fact, I was still in my work uniform. We stayed in the hospital room with our son for the first night and barely slept. By morning, we were both a nervous wreck. Our nerves were so shot, my husband and I started to argue. Then a social worker told us we could go to the Ronald McDonald House to take a little break, but I was hesitant. I did not want to leave my son, but I knew I needed some time away to pull myself together to see to his care. We decided to give the Columbus Ronald McDonald House a try.

The beds were so comfortable, it was impossible not to get a decent night of sleep at the Ronald McDonald House. After one night, I was able to think more clearly. However, the best part was that volunteers provided free meals. In the first day and a half, we spend $40 on drinks and food. We felt miserable eating vending machine food and living on pop and coffee. I cannot imagine what we would have spent in eight days. We would have been totally broke!

It is heartwarming to know that with all of the entitlement in our society, there are still people who give of themselves with no thoughts about monetary rewards. As a former McDonald’s employee, I remember the convenient change boxes at the register for Ronald McDonald House Charities, and how I would put my change in the boxes. I had always hoped it was being put to good use, but I never expected to find out first hand. I am so thankful and grateful Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio is here. This is exactly what the world needs. This is exactly what we needed! Thank you, RMHC!


Jonathan and Elizabeth