Previous Guests Pay it Forward

Mauro family in main lobby pose with a cart full of donated items

Jenna Mauro of Corning, Ohio stopped by the Ronald McDonald House Tuesday to unload a cart full of items needed here at the House. In lieu of gifts for the first birthday of her daughter, Ellee, she asked family & friends to donate items for families staying at the Ronald McDonald House. Below is her explanation describing why she wanted to give back to our House.

By Jenna Mauro

At about 20 weeks into my second pregnancy, I was diagnosed with a potentially life-threatening condition. At 25 weeks, I started experiencing complications and spent several weeks in the hospital. There was a brief period when I was discharged from the hospital. However, the doctors agreed with my husband and I that we did not feel comfortable coming home as we are about an hour from the closest hospital that could help should I experience complications again or, worse yet, should my condition become more severe.

Thankfully, the social worker on my case at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center was able to get us a room at your Ronald McDonald House. Unfortunately, we only stayed about a week as I was readmitted back into the hospital for the duration of my pregnancy. Once my daughter was born, we stayed at the House again while she was in the NICU for approximately 2 weeks.

We are so extremely thankful for the Ronald McDonald House. Obviously, I was able to be close to the help I needed should I have needed it, but also because family members were able to be with our 18 month old son and be together as a family during that time.