NC Family knows Tough Road Trip Well

The Love family has been coming to Columbus from Durham, North Carolina for more than four years now. They know what it’s like having to be away from loved ones and family back home to make the road trip to Columbus very well. Christin Love was just turning five years old when her parents thought she had the flu, her mother Michelle tells us. Trips to a local children’s hospital revealed that Christin actually had some kidney issues and a problem with her spinal cord. The local doctors referred her to Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus. The family first flew to Columbus, but has made many road trips here since then and have stayed at the Ronald McDonald House across the street from NCH several times.

This past week, we met up with Joyce Orban, Christin’s Grandmother, in our kitchen to get her thoughts about staying at the House so frequently. We’ve also been asking families staying at the House to watch our new short film, “Something’s Missing” in the movie room at our House, to get their impression of this new 5-minute video. The film was made by a local film production company in an effort to try and capture the exhaustive feeling family members have when it’s necessary to make a long trip to Columbus to be with an ill child. Michelle & Christin accepted our offer to watch the film and give us their reaction. Both interviews are featured below.

We want to thank the Love family for giving so graciously of their time, and giving us their thoughts, more than a few times over the years they’ve been staying with us so that we may share their experiences with our community.

You can watch the film, Something’s Missing, yourself by clicking here. Please share your thoughts of the film too by leaving a comment for us on Facebook or YouTube.