Meet Jeff Duffield, Our Newest Craftsman Who Plays the Calliope 

By Christin Dornback, Writing Intern

Our innovative craftsmen welcomed Jeff into their ranks about a couple of months ago. His involvement with RMH began when Jeff and his wife, Lorna, were cleaning out their shelves and brought books to donate to the House. From there, he got involved with the craftsmen. Jeff loves working with his hands and filling in wherever needed, including the front desk every other Tuesday.

“You listen to the news every day and you only ever hear of the horrible things,” he said. When he’s in the House, it’s different. “I’m amazed at the number of people that donate here and help around here. I’m just trying to give back. I’ve had a pretty good life.”

When you see Jeff around, ask him to show you what a calliope is and sounds like. You won’t be disappointed!

Jeff Duffield sits at the keyboard of his Calliope
Photo Courtesy: YouTube/ThisWeekNews


Editor’s Update: Jeff will be playing his calliope at an Arbor Day celebration in Livingston Park, April 26 at 11 a.m. You can get a sampling of his calliope by clicking the image above.