Cow Pie Drop

Buy a square in the first ever RMHC of Central Ohio Cow Pie Drop 

The fourth Annual Dean’s Charity Steer Show is coming up quickly, and what better way to celebrate than a couple friendly games of “Cow Pie Drop”?! 

Experience the “sweet smell of success” while joining in on this very fun and unique fundraiser. We are currently selling squares for our Cow Pie Drop fundraiser! What will happen is a cow is turned loose on a fenced-in area which has been marked off into 60 by 60 yard squares. 

The cow determines the winner by making the first “deposit” on one of the squares. Chances on each square are sold for $20, and the winner receives $500. The remaining money raised will go towards supporting families staying at the Columbus Ronald McDonald House. Kids and adults will both love this fun and different way to support a worthy cause!

Two games will be played and the winners will be announced on July 10th! Purchase your squares below and follow along on social media!

Your donation is vital to providing services to families and children throughout Central Ohio and the world. Should you have any questions please contact Angela Hartley at 614-227-3777 or at