Individual Volunteers

Special Events Volunteer
Event volunteers are a high priority need for RMHC, as our events help us in keeping families close for thousands of families each year. The most recent list of special event volunteer needs can be found by clicking here.

Housewarming Volunteer
Work inside RMHC to provide a home-like environment for families. Interested in a role below? Complete the volunteer application link and we’ll invite you to an orientation.

Available Housewarming Roles:
Go-Getter Volunteer –restock and prepare rooms for families who will need to stay at the Ronald McDonald House, as well as work in the laundry room and around the House to organize supplies

Craftsmen Volunteer – Facility volunteers are folks who are handy and comfortable working independently throughout the House with direction from our facilities team. Depending on their skills and comfort level, they do all the little things that make our House run smoothly.

Front Desk Volunteers – These happy people are the smiling faces that greet our guests, community members, donors and anyone else who walks through the front doors of the Ronald McDonald House. Front desk volunteers will be trained on how to answer phones, thank donors, greet project and meal teams, answer guest questions and help keep track of what rooms need to be restocked.

Kitchen Host Volunteers – Kitchen Volunteers help to keep the kitchens clean and organized. They help volunteer meal teams find utensils and use the kitchen equipment as well as prepare meals if no meal team is scheduled.

We ask that our Housewarming volunteers commit to volunteering at least 4 hours every month. Housewarming Volunteers must be 18 years or older.

College Internships
Are you an undergraduate or graduate student in Central Ohio who is passionate about Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio? We’d love to hear from you! Internships at RMHC of Central Ohio have flexible schedules and offer experience in hospitality management, social work, business operations, donor relations and general fundraising. All internships are unpaid positions. Please send a cover letter and current resume to Kate Becker, Chief Program Officer via email at