Family Activities You Can Do in Your Room!

Click on a video below and let the fun begin!

With families spending so much time at the hospital and away from home, we wanted to provide you with some fun, safe activities you can do together. Our Family Activities volunteer team shares their talents, interests, and overall giving hearts with the families by submitting a video  “hosting” a family activity.

Examples of video content:
• Reading a children’s book
• Playing a musical instrument
• Singing
• Dancing or leading a kid-friendly dance
• Leading kid-friendly exercises or yoga
• Teaching a kid’s craft (origami, drawing how-to, etc.)
• “Hosting” games like Simon Says, Red Light/Green Light, Rock-Paper-Scissors, etc.
• Storytelling
• Telling kid-friendly jokes
• Magic tricks

These are just a few examples of activities that will be found here. We have many incredibly talented volunteers of all ages with an abundance of gifts to share!

If you are a volunteer who would like to create a video for us to share with families, it takes just a few steps:

1. Record a video using an iPhone, iPad, or Android device:

2. Email the video to so we can share it with families.

Once we receive a video, we will add the video to our online video library, here!